Keynote Speakers

We are very happy to announce ours keynote speakers.

Marc Pierrot DeseillignyMarc Pierrot Deseilligny

Professor at the French school of Geomatics, the École Nationale des Sciences Géographiques (ENSG) which is part of the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN). Senior researcher at the “Laboratoire en Sciences et Technologies de l’Information Géographique” (LaSTIG), IGN, connected to the LOEMI and MATIS teams, leader of a 5 researcher photogrammetric team.

Title of the talk: “UAV 3D photogrammetric models: bigger and faster forever, is this the Graal?”

The last decade encountered a revolution in photogrammetry and it is now common to process (almost) fully automatically acquisitions composed of more than a thousand images. In the context of “big data” and “high performance computing”, the dominant tendency is to continuously push the limits by processing more and more data in less and less amount of time : “bigger and faster forever”. Even if there are applications having the real need for this high performance, it is a pity that the evolution has been done while forgetting the fundamental aspects of photogrammetry: the accuracy, precision and quality checking, all three so essential in many contexts.
In this talk, after revisiting the modern photogrammetric pipeline, I will address the question of accuracy and quality checking in image-based 3D modelling, concentrating on the following points:

  1. what are the different quality criteria of a 3D model (resolution, planimetric and altimetric precision, …);
  2. how to plan and execute a photogrammetric survey to enhance the quality of the output 3D model;
  3. what are the possible means of checking a 3D model’s quality; which of these methods are available in the state—of-the-art photogrammetric tools, with a special focus on MicMac – the free open-source software solution developed at IGN/ENSG, France;
  4. description of future research perspectives to enhance the quality of 3D models produced by photogrammetry.

José Alberto GonçalvesJosé Alberto Gonçalves

Holds a degree in Surveying Engineering from University of Porto and a PhD from University College London, in Photogrammetry. He is presently the director of the master degree in Surveying Engineering at University of Porto. His main interests are the orientation of optical sensors and the extraction of 3D data from images.

Title of the talk: “UAS for coastal zone mapping and monitoring”

Unmanned aerial systems, equipped with cameras for photogrammetric processing, complement traditional airborne techniques for several topographic mapping needs, bridging a gap between exclusively field based surveying methods and aerial photogrammetry. Coastal zones, due to their rapid change, which have serious risks for human activities, need very frequent mapping. They are an example where UAS not only have complemented traditional methods, but significantly increased the mapping and monitoring capabilities. The talk will focus on the mapping and monitoring of coastal zones, stressing the technical problems involved, the differences from other photogrammetric mapping cases, and the possible evolution with new techniques and sensors.